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Who We Are

Mission & History

Our mission is simple. We want to make our community a better place through education and the enlisting of our citizens to bring services to those in need. We accomplish our mission through our core values.  The Laveen Community Council creates opportunities for a connected community by providing leadership for a growing and changing community, encouraging collaboration among organizations, providing support to community members and organizations, and fostering a connected community and promoting community spirit.

We have been an vital part of our community for nearly 70 years.  We were founded to serve our growing community by promoting the welfare and assisting with the needs of the Laveen community and it's youth. We have continued to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers that make our mission possible. Through all these years our purpose still remains the same: creating a connected community and providing assistance too those in need.

Annual Laveen Pit Barbecue

In 1950, the Laveen Cowbelles organized a barbecue to give the community a chance to gather on the last Sunday of the year and to raise money for the March of Dimes, which lasted well into the 1970's.

In December 1960, the non-profits and churches in Laveen formed the Laveen Community Council (LCC), which took over the barbecue and began channeling most of the proceeds to pay for the lighting of the baseball fields at Laveen School. By 1984, the barbecue had raised a cumulative $71,000.[13] Subsequently, the date of the event was gradually moved into early February, where the event continues to be held today.

In recent years, the barbecue has grown into a very large event now being held at Cesar Chavez Park, a beautiful venue in Laveen set among beautiful grounds and Alvord Lake with South Mountain Park in the background. The event attracts vendors from all over Arizona and serves as an opportunity for community members to come together with a common goal. The barbecue has held tight to its rural roots by hosting cow milking competitions, an interactive kid zone, and providing a community stage for local performing groups and musicians, and more.