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69th Annual Laveen BBQ is Canceled

Greetings Laveen community and residents of neighboring communities. It is with sadness to announce the Laveen Community Council will not hold this year’s Laveen BBQ event. Originally scheduled for February 13, 2021, the 69th Annual Laveen BBQ would have continued a valued and time-honored event for all to enjoy. Since 1952, the Laveen community has participated in the annual event, relished in bringing together residents, neighbors, and families to one location to experience a variety of foods, games, music, and small business products. The Laveen BBQ is one of our most popular and favorite events for the community.

The Laveen Community Council is aware of what the Laveen BBQ event means to the residents and families who return every year, the volunteers who give several hours of their time, and small business owners with ties to the community. This was not a decision we arrived at lightly. The Laveen Community Council discussed at length, the impact to the community and the risks that would have to be accepted. Since the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic, the Laveen Community Council has made every attempt to adjust meetings and events to coincide with health guidelines. Although other events have taken place recently, the Laveen BBQ presented several challenges, from logistics to high-risk health situations.

We know our decision comes as a disappointment to many, however we also know that protecting the community and ensuring we minimize health risks is also at the forefront of our events. As we continue to live during this time of COVID, we are also excited with the delivery of new vaccines to communities. We look forward to the day when we can return to outdoor events and can gather with all our friends, families, and neighbors! Please join us at our monthly meeting to learn about events happening in our community, and to participate in the planning of future events.

The Laveen Community Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.(EIN 30-0103262)