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LCC Board Nomination Committee

List of Nominees for the 2021 - 2022 Laveen Community Council Board of Directors

On behalf of the Nomination Committee, we extend our gratitude to the following individuals for their volunteerism and commitment to join the Laveen Community Council for the 2021-2022 year.

Positions                                    Names

Vice President                            Manuel Burboa

                                                           Adrian Castillo

Secretary                                      Simir Pierce 

Director                                         Cinthia Estela

                                                           Wendy Flood



The roles and responsibilities of the open seats for LLC Board are below:

Vice-President – 2-year term


·         Assist President in all activities and duties of the Council

·         Perform all duties of the President in their absence

·         Be informed by the President of all Council plans and activities

Secretary – 2-year term


·         Maintain attendance records and minutes of all Community Council meetings / Board meetings

·         Maintain current list of member groups, names and contact information of representatives

·         Maintain copies of reports or records provided by – President, Treasurer, or Auditor

Director at Large – 3-year term


·         Voting member of the Council

·         Chair events / committees

·         Support Council events