A brief history of our proud city

A city built on hard work and selflessness

The Laveen area has been inhabited by farmers and dairymen since the 1870s and has been populated and traveled across by the Pima and Maricopa tribal members. The area was formally given the name Laveen after the first postmaster, Walter E. Laveen, around 1918. The first school was built in 1913 on land donated by the Laveen family. Before 1911, when Roosevelt Dam was built to contain the Salt River, the community was isolated by the running water of the Salt. Before the dams were built, Central Avenue was the only bridged crossing of the Salt River. Early Laveen had a country store/post office, barber shop, blacksmith shop, garage, women’s club building, pool hall and cotton gin and was quite self-sufficient.

Laveen residents have a long history of taking care of themselves and volunteering to help neighbors. We hope new residents of Laveen will enjoy the spirit of our community and take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved and meet their neighbors!